Friday, July 24, 2009

Cake Stands

Just recently, in the midst of doing research, I came across a site called Raise the Cake and I thought that their ideas were fierce! Ever thought of how you can find elegant & creative ways decorate your cake table or incorporate your cake stand as part of the decor aspects of your wedding or event? Well think no more! Because "Raise the Cake" has found a solution that all of us can use!

"Raise the Cake" allows you to be able to create your own custom cake stands; how fabulous is that! You can actually go on their website and shop their online selections of ribbons, fabrics, other decor, and bling (which most of us love!) to create and design your very own personal and unique cake stand. The stands are available up to three sizes and you can not only use them for your wedding or event cake, but for cupcakes as well.

Now for those of you that are thinking to yourselves, "I'm not so creative", worry no more! "Raise the Cake" also has a selection of pre-designed cake stands for you to choose from as well. If you find a style or design that you like, personalize it and make it your own using your wedding colors, designs, and etc....and guess what? You created your own cake stand!

So plain ol' boring cake stands move out the way, you've been here way too long! It's time for bold, beautiful, fabulous, & fierce cake stand to make its presence known in the world of wedding/event planning!

Check out some more photos of "Raise the Cake's" work.....

I've shared the information about Raise the Cake, now its your time and chance to get out there and design the cake stand of your dreams! Have fun everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Real Weddings: Get Ready to Be Inspired!

Simply Unique Weddings & Events has recently begun featuring newlywed couples whose weddings have inspired us! You can find more information about this in the "Snapshots!" section of our website ( )

Simply Unique Weddings & Event's goal is to offer 'Real Wedding Inspirations' to brides (like yourselves) and others to assist you during the design, creativity, and detail aspects of the planning process for your BIG day! We just want you to be inspired like we were! And we thank the couples for giving us this opportunity to share this with all of you.

Today we have featured an amazing & fabulous couple whose wedding took place in Burbank, California:
The DragonDee Wedding!

Be sure to check out their profile on our website! Trust us! You are going to be blown away by them because we most definitely were! Simply Unique Weddings & Events have also included photos, and detailed explanations of their wedding decor, DIY (do-it-yourself projects), designs, and inspirations To get there, go to "Snapshots!", then "Real Wedding Inspirations".

Enjoy and Be Inspired!