Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Anyone planning to marry during the Christmas Holidays 2010? If so, why not plan ahead and begin looking for inspirations for your Christmas wedding! It's the most wonderful and festive time of the year! Enough to give you lots of great ideas.

I love candy canes and I am sure that a majority of you do as well. So why not use candy canes as your wedding inspiration! The stripes of the candy cane and color palette of red and white is enough to get you started!
Some ideas.....candy canes & roses, chocolate dipped peppermint sticks, and of course candy cane cocktails.

Feel free to incorporate other Christmas ideas such as snowflakes, wreaths, ornaments, and etc to bring out your candy cane themed wedding.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 7, 2009


In relation to my last winter wedding post, I just wanted to elaborate more on one of my tips in getting inspirations from using snowy backdrops for your winter wedding. Here are some great ideas!
Fell in love with this photo! How could you not love this snowy backdrop! It definitely screams winter wonderland!
(Photo credit:perfectoutdoorweddings.com)

(Photo credit: Bride.ca)

hoto credit: Charlotte Geary Photography)

These are just some of the many inspirations that I have found interesting. Like I said, be creative, think outside the box, and make your winter wonderland wedding unique with your snowy backdrop.

Happy Holidays!


Since we are currently in the winter wedding season...and since I absolutely LOVE Christmas and it falls in the winter wedding season; I am absolutely positive that there are brides-to-be out there looking for winter wedding ideas!

Most winter weddings consists of whites, creams, silver, metallic, blues and everything and anything that sparkles! Check out this inspiration board by "The Finer Things". I love how it shows a fabulous wintry combination of silver and white! This idea can be used anywhere..whether you're having a winter wedding in the north or south or anywhere you choose!

(Photo credit: The Finer Things)

Tips: Take advantage of snowy backdrops! Get inspired and take pictures outside in the snow in locations that inspire you!

For those of you who like pine cones, penguins, and the color silver; this may interest you!

(Photo credit: www.caroncopper.com)

Silver, creams, whites, metallic, and cool colors and can definitely have you and your guests feel like you're walking in a Wedding Winter Wonderland! And for those of you that love pink....why not add that with your color scheme to give it that angelic...princess feel!

(Photo Credit: www.caroncopper.com)

For those of you that like "bling", try adding some gold, silver, crystal beads, glitter, or anything you'd like to give your wedding that extra wintry sparkle you desire!

(Photo Credit: www.caroncopper.com)

And now my absolute favorite....Christmas Weddings! Into Christmas as much as I am? You can have a very "Marry" Christmas any way you choose! Use different shades of reds, greens, and browns; and top it off with ornaments, bells, wreaths, holly, mistletoe, berries, Christmas trees and more!

Tips: If you are planning to have a Winter or Christmas Wedding for 2010 or 2011, be sure to plan ahead and take advantage of any or all the after-Christmas sales this year. You will definitely save a ton of money this way!

Be sure to check back for some more winter wedding updates soon!

Happy Holidays!