Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In Love with Color!

Are you the type of person who are sick of seeing the same basic colors on everything? Then why not spice up your wedding or event with some bold colors! Start creating a wedding scrapbook! You can use this to keep track of your favorite colors, ideas, theme, inspirations, and many more for your event! This will come in handy when planning your wedding or event from color, theme, decor, and right down to the very last detail! So basically, wherever you go...your book goes! The only hard part about doing this is deciding on your color palette.

Here are some ideas in helping you choose your color palette:

1. Your Favorite piece of jewelry: What color is your favorite bracelet, earrings, necklace? Are they modern, chic, classic? You can use this as a starting point!

2. Seasons: Take your cues from the colors of the seasons. You can choose between pastels, bright and bold colors, or use a combination of both. You'd be surprised at what you might come up with!

3. Invitations & Stationary: This is another great way to decide on color palette. With all of its fabulous designs and colors, you may even find one that will be the inspiration of your wedding or event designs!

4. Location: If you have already booked your ceremony & reception site, take into consideration the decor of the sites such as: wall color, carpeting, scenery (if outside site), and other accents.

5. Culture: In particular cultures, certain colors are very symbolic. Such as red is a favored color for Chinese Weddings because it symbolized Good Fortune. Or in India, red means the color of purity (used in wedding outfits).

6. Cocktail Drinks: Ever been amazed at the color of your drink? Maybe you thought that the hot pink Cosmo or fabulous green Apple martini would be a great mixture of colors! Who would've ever thought that you could create such a color palette watching a bartender mix your drinks! An idea to ponder on whenever you're out ;)

7. Fabrics: Going to a fabric store or using a fabric book, is a great way to explore the different colors, texture, and designs that fabrics have to offer. You may even find the perfect fabric for your wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses.

**These were just some of the creative ideas used in selecting color palettes. Have fun with it!

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