Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Weddings

Hello! Hello! It's a beautiful Sunday morning and thought I'd make a post regarding the benefits of planning a Friday or Sunday wedding!

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For those of you planning to have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, or if you're thinking about me, you're going to reap several rewards both financially and otherwise! You will not only save time and money, but your family, friends, and guests may appreciate and LOVE the fact that they have that Saturday free to spend time with you and any other guests they know.
For Friday and Sunday weddings, many vendors, banquet facilities, and other wedding related venues are normally much more willing to negotiate with you to come up with a budget friendly quote that will make you smile! You will begin to see lots of savings on venue/vendor services without having to sacrifice too much on having the wedding you want! Having extra money to spend elsewhere or even on yourself, is always a great thing!
Friday weddings are usually in the evenings, where the ceremony is followed immediately by dinner. Doing this will allow you to avoid extra costs as well as the hassle of having a 1-2 hour interim reception or cocktail party. Here's a tip for you...having your wedding ceremony and reception back to back may ensure more people at your ceremony! (hint hint)

Another great thing about "saving time"....usually having a Friday or Sunday wedding frees up at least one day out of the weekend; making your family, friends, and guests grateful for the extra time especially if they are traveling.

Making plans for a Friday or Sunday wedding makes it so much easier that you'll be able to reserve the location/services of your choice without so much of a hassle! It also allows you to avoid hearing the words from numerous vendors/venues... "Sorry, we're booked on that date".
Enjoy your Friday or Sunday Wedding!

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