Friday, May 29, 2009

Personalized Custom Maps

That's it Brides! I've done my homework! Say good-bye to hand drawn maps and Hello to Custom Maps! Here are some of the questions that were recently asked:

  • "Hi Mary, I have a question for you if you don't mind helping. Do you think it would be tacky if I drew my own map of directions to the church and reception and include it in my invitations?" -Mandy
  • "Mary, I have been trying to find a place that does maps for invitations, do you have any suggestions of where I could go?" -Lori
  • "Mary I need HELP PLEASE!! I'm about a week late in my deadline to send out invitations, but I need to include directions to the sites. Please tell me you know where to get personalized maps created! I would like to have them sent out with my invitations ASAP! " -Marvina

Well Ladies, after a little bit of research, I now have the solution you've all been waiting for! And I find it to be a much better alternative to hand-drawn maps! Check out the man (Shawn Ashbaugh) who solved all of your dilemmas at The maps are so nice, I think you'll love them! I hope this helps!

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