Thursday, August 13, 2009

His & Hers Slimline Ring Cases

I absolutely love finding out and learning new things everyday, especially if it has anything to do with wedding/event name it and I want to know more about it! A friend of mine mentioned to me a few days ago, about the "His & Hers Slimline Ring Cases"; which I thought were pretty amazing! You can find this on the Dieline's blog post. The idea that the ring cases were not your typical ring boxes; and I also loved the fact that they are not only slim (of course!) but they are modern, chic, and very unique.

I thought that this would be fabulous in other colors as well, but when we contacted the company, we found out that they currently only make them in black. So we came across another blogger (Miss Gloss) who ended up loving the slimline ring case idea and made her own. Here are some photos of her DIY works.....

She did a pretty amazing job for a first timer don't you think!

Looks like I'll be giving it a shot for myself soon!

Miss Gloss shared her tips on how she made her slimline ring case:

"With the His and hers slimline ring boxes, I included my wedding date and inscribed on the back. I measured the diameter and height of our rings to ensure a snug fit and cut the pieces out using a laser cutter. I then used spray mount to hold the pieces together. Each ’box’ has a top and a bottom held closed with white elastics. It’s a pretty simple concept, but we are pretty simple people."

We would like to thank her for sharing her tips as well as her DIY project! Can't wait to get started on making our own for the very firs time, and when we get to it, we'll definitely post our work here on the blog to show you the end results!

If you were inspired and have made your own slimline ring case, don't forget to come back and share it with us! Happy Planning!

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