Sunday, August 30, 2009


Rainbows can be beautiful, whimsical, unique, and very meaningful. Anyone every thought of including rainbow in their wedding?

Rainbow weddings can symbolize two things:
  • HAPPINESS AND JOY: Rainbows commonly represents the beauty that comes after a storm or rain. Couples interested in a rainbow wedding can use this idea to show that they have finally found "Joy and Happiness" in their love; despite the trials, tribulations, and 'storms' of the outside world.
  • CHRISTIAN SYMBOLISM: For those who are Christians, a rainbow wedding can definitely be significant to the symbol used in the Old Testament to signify God's promise to his people: "I am putting my rainbow in the clouds as the sign of the agreement between me and the earth" (Genesis 9:13 NIV). A rainbow wedding can be represented as the couple's faith or of their marital union.
So let's check out some rainbow items that can be used in the wedding.....

(Photo courtesy of Credit Crunch Bride)

(Photo courtesy of Banquet Event)

(Photo courtesy of Reeves Cake Shop)

The Flowers below are awesome! I have never seen rainbow colored roses before, so I thought that they were pretty amazing! The photo is from Manolo Brides.

Stay tuned for more rainbow wedding ideas soon!


  1. Mary, my hubby and I had a rainbow wedding. Well it was more tie dyed/multi-colored. I'll have to show you the pictures sometime. It was so much fun. My favorite part were the crazy daisy flower bouquets!

  2. The first inspiration board was created by the editors of In the Details

  3. i am currently planning a rainbow wedding and i dont know where to start!!!