Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wedding or Event Insurance...Is it necessary???

Lately I have had several brides ask me this question from time to time. So I thought now would be a great time to try answer those questions the best I can for those of you that are interested in this as well; or may have been thinking about it.

I know that every bride every once in a while may picture in the back of her mind the inevitable happening and gets to thinking "Oh that's not going to happen to me on my wedding day!"....but the question is..."what happens when it really does"? Should you carry insurance for your wedding or event?

You can plan the perfect event and you may even spend a lot of money just to ensure that your event goes just right, and at the blink of an eye; all of that time you spent planning the wedding and the money you've invested into it can all go right down the drain. I know it sounds horrible, but these things really do and can happen even if you do everything right. But don't fret too much because there is an insurance that can protect you in circumstances like these!

There are a lot of insurance carriers out there that are willing to offer you protection and can even assist you in recovering your losses in the case of unforeseen disasters that may occur at your wedding or event.

I found a website... that basically shared some real life stories that went wrong at a wedding or event that they actually covered. Here are some examples:
  • Wedding venue originally expected to open in time for a wedding, but construction completion date was pushed back and the wedding had to be rescheduled. Amount reimbursed through 'Event Cancellation' coverage- $17,694.87

  • Customer received message from the photographer saying he was out of business, would not be attending the wedding and would not be refunding the deposit. Amount reimbursed through 'Loss of Deposits' coverage- $1,515

  • Bride and Groom held responsible for damaged carpet at a reception. Claim paid by 'Property Damage' coverage- $5,523.81

  • Ten inches of rain fell in Virginia, State Highway 10 was closed. Bridal party members and guests couldn't get to the reception site. Band, food, cake, flowers, photos all had to be cancelled. Amount reimbursed through 'Event Cancellation' coverage- $25,000

  • Groom experienced chest pains and went to the hospital. Newly diagnosed heart condition forced him to postpone the wedding. Amount reimbursed through 'Event Cancellation' coverage- $28,907.45

Our advice to you is.....ALWAYS BE PREPARED! Because bad things can really happen to good people whether we believe it or not. You're investing a lot of money into your wedding or why not invest in "Event Insurance" to ensure that you and your fiance are covered in case of unwanted disasters?

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  1. Oh god, its absolutely necessary! If your family is anything like mine, they might get a little out of hand at the reception. If it wasn't for wedding insurance, we would have been liable for all the damage they did!