Sunday, March 6, 2011

Disney: Wedding Dresses

Disney World! Who wouldn't want to go there :-) I was actually working on vacation plans tonight, boyfriend and I plan to go to Disney World sometime in November 2011...can't wait! But while I was working on those plans I started thinking about "Disney Weddings" and what it would be like to get married there :-) I'm sure its been a dream of most girls to get married there...including me (I must admit). Hopefully my boyfriend will surprise me this year and "PUT A RING ON IT"! Oh oh oh how that would make my year 2011 ;-) LOL! But don't tell him I said that ;-)

Anywho! I did some browsing and here are some FABULOUS Disney Wedding Dresses I found. By the way, which Disney Character do they remind you of?


Love this Cinderella Style dress! Its so modern :-)

Alfred Angelo
Source: Shop Online 2011

Now which Disney character does this gorgeous dress (on the right) reminds you of?.....If you thought "Ariel" then you and I are on the same page :-)

Source: Alfred Angelo


And of course our newest Princess Tiana :-)

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