Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wall of Flowers

Happy Tuesday! For some reason when I walk into a room, one of the things I notice are "Walls"...LOL....I know, I know...a little weird but I'm always curious to see whats on it such as color, paintings, style, and decor. So....I did a little digging and found some interesting photos in relation to "Walls of Flowers" that can be used to inspire you at your next special event :-)

Source: Once upon Roses & World of Posh NY

I love this paper flower inspired wall....this was actually done for a Chanel Fashion Show!
Source: davinciflorist.us

I must say that I have ran across Da Vinci's Florist a few times and I truly appreciate their work! I bet they had this wall of flowers going around the entire tent!
Source: asubtlerevelry.com 

Love the plum colored chandelier :-)

Now for all you DIY brides, what a lovely way to create your own little wall of flower ceremony/altar backdrop.
Source: Stjudescreation.blogspot.com

Once again, a wall with paper flowers! Its so chic! What a great way to use this for escort cards or place cards. :-)

Source: getmarried.com 

I LOVE this photo and the fact that you can still see what's going on across the room with the glass wall....how unique and oh so creative! :-)
Source: getmarried.com

Another great photo of the wall of flowers going around the cake table...giving it that extra oomph! :-)
Source: blog.freepeople.com

Lovely for a backyard wedding or special event! It kind of has that vintage feel to it :-) You can DIY...just get some bottles, stick flowers in them and hang! :-)

Got any amazing ideas or "Wall of Flowers" photos? Share them with us! We'd love to feature you and your work :-) Thanks for reading!

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